Are you lonely? I don’t think so. Here is why

Ever woke up one day and felt empty? Felt like you are lonely although you have everything you need/want around you? It is ok. We all did at one point in our lives and it is not the end of the world. This feeling will go away. It will disappear, but its only normal that sometimes it gets to us and makes us so sad and frustrated not knowing what to do in order to reduce this feeling. Or make it go away.

Now let me just tell you why you are NOT alone. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all good things around us. When we are too happy and comfortable with our current situation our unconscious mind cannot help but say “wow wow hold on a second, why am I that happy? Let me just think and take all that in” so we tend to shift towards a dark place for a moment till our brain mentally processes all those overwhelming feelings of happiness we are having. Take it as a hibernating process of our brains mentally adapting to those feelings and emotions, and as soon as your brain take in and processes all this, you are back to normal and the feeling of loneliness will go away. The key is: Patience.

We tend to think that being lonely is just as equal as being sad. But that’s just a very false statement. The happiest people on earth do get lonely too. Its not about whether or not you are a sad/depressed person therefor you get lonely, no. Everyone gets lonely and I mean EVERYONE. Do not over think your situation and try to ask your self so many questions on why do you feel that way. As I said before let your brain have a break and take in your emotions. Whether it’s a sudden change of mood, a break up, a fight with someone you had, it could be anything, you can even be returning from an awesome birthday bash you just had and a sudden feeling of loneliness comes your way. Really do not over think it, do not try to “justify” this feeling. Just be patient and let everything sink in for a while. We tend to over think sometimes and let me tell you this, over thinking leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to depression, then you are going to be digging this deep hole of sadness and a dark world you don’t want to get into.

You must be careful, although it is normal to feel lonely or isolated from time to time, too much loneliness can be unhealthy or even dangerous. Studies have shown that excessive feelings of loneliness can cause depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. The good news is, loneliness is a condition that can be fought against and overcome! Here are few things to do when you feel lonely that will make you feel better, and let your mind of off thoughts:


  1. Talk to someone:Gossips

Sometimes all you need is talking to someone; try to avoid talking about your current state of mind, instead focus on the positive, try to catch up or talk about a new movie or a book. This will keep your mind off of things and maybe have a few laughs.




  1. Get a pet:sadness

Believe or not, getting a pet can be the best thing you do, especially those who experience this feeling a lot. Get a cat, dog, bird or even a fish! Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, once remarked in one of his comic strips, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Studies indicate that simply petting an animal reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and may actually be an effective non-medical treatment for certain forms of depression.




  1. Ask yourself what’s missing? Or what’s causing you to feel lonely:Trying to make a decision

You should ask yourself, am I like that since a long while now? Am I experiences this feeling although I have everyone around me? Do I always prefer to be alone? If the answer is yes, then its time to consider a positive affirmative action. Try calling friends and ask them to meet up, go out on family dinners or contact someone you haven’t seen in a while, even if they can’t make it or they were busy, at least you are taking action to change your state of mind.




  1. Get off of Facebook/Twitter:no-social-media

Social Media is the worst way to spend your time on, especially when you are feeling lonely. Too much of social media can lead to not moving and socializing, instead just being trapped in your bedroom and typing all day. Call up some friends and let them come over, have a good talk and laugh!




  1. Watch a series!Depositphotos_54508627_xs

If you aren’t in the mood of leaving your coach, at least try & watch some series! Get into it and you will see how to day flies by even faster! It will make you forget your current state!

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