How to get ready for 2015

” For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice” – T.S Elliot


We look back at what we’ve hoped to change, what actually did change and what we still need to work harder on changing. Do not look back at what you couldn’t achieve or hoped to achieve for 2014 just look forward for working harder on achieving whatever you couldn’t, try to come up with creative ways in motivating yourself so you could effectively achieve your desired resolutions for 2015. Circumstances do occur and plans always change but never give up trying, try to come up with new ideas on how can you actually achieve those goals and your resolutions for next year.

You could go on and on saying you wanna change this, you wanna change that, but how are you going to remember them all? How are you going to follow up and/or even start to do so?

Well here are some ways that I’ve used in previous years that helped me in achieving some of my resolutions in fun and memorable ways! These tips will motivate you to achieve your desired goals for 2015:

  •  A Vision Board:

SAMSUNG CSCI know many people create vision boards for their dreams and goals for their entire existence, but I say why not make a new vision board every year? Its fun! And you might have new goals every year! Even every month! Vision boards are a great way for always reminding yourself of what do you want to achieve for the year.

Cut out pictures from the internet or from a magazine and just place them all together in a frame as a collage, also make sure to place it in a place that is always visible to you, above your bed, in your office, kitchen even in your living room! Just make sure it’s in a visible place. Here is my vision board for last year – it was in my office all year around.


Screen shot 2014-12-27 at 8.49.36 PMScreen shot 2014-12-27 at 8.54.37 PMThis website is AWESOME! You log in, create your own private page with your desired goals and due dates of when you would like to achieve them, you can also post pictures of what you’ve achieved! It’s a great way to organize everything in one place! And if you’re lost in what exactly do you want to achieve they have so many ideas and suggestions you can use as well.

Here is a picture of my profile on there!




  •  Post-it Notes:

stock-photo-50051120-new-year-resolutions-post-it-notesPost-it Notes are always a fun way in reminding yourself of your goals. If your resolution is to start on a healthy life style, put your post-it notes on the fridge saying “Eat Healthy” you can even come up with creative funny reminders as you wish for whichever desired goals all around your house!



  •  Photos on your Calendar:

desk calendar insideLets stay you would like to lose 10 kilos by the end of March; a great reminder is placing a picture of a model (just for motivational purposes, nothing creepy about that!) on the desired date on your calendar! This way it’ll always be there wherever you are.



  •  Lift App:

liftpic-e1346279643527This App is my all-time favorite App. It facilitates everything for you, your goals, when would you like to achieve them and even talking to someone who can actually COACH YOU personally on how to achieve your goal! This App is a must for everyone!

Check out an article on forbes to learn more about Lift.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy writing and thinking of your desired resolutions for 2015, some you will achieve and some you wont. Do not feel stressed out to do everything at once, take your time, set due dates and just enjoy!

Happy New Year Everyone!! xoxo

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