Easy indoor activities to break your Routine

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” – John C.Maxwell



Ever felt like you are just sick of your daily routine? Bored? But you do not feel like going out with friends? You are in need of change but you do not know what to do?

Here are some tips that are timeless and CHEAP that you can do indoors to instantly feel happy and break your routine:

  • Re-position your room/house furnitureScreen-Shot-2013-12-09-at-4.29.55-PM

Change up your room furniture locations, go ahead and change up everything, your bed location, your vanity and all, relocate everything in different areas in your room. You will feel that you are living in a new place that will actually make you feel much better without spending a dime.



  • Re-DecorateDelightful-Ramadan-Eid-Decorations-

One of the things I love doing is decorating my house; you can go to a close by store and purchase decorations according to the season you’re in. Lets say its Valentines Day season, go ahead and buy red and pink decorations such as fake flowers or random decorative mirrors or teddy bears. Changing your decoration Valentines-Day-Decorations-For-A-Partyaccording to which event or season you are celebrating will instantly make everything feel new and fresh!





  • Burn candlesbath-and-body-works-bakeshop-candles-12

Who said candles are only for birthdays? Go ahead buy yourself some awesome scented candles and burn them. Your living area will immediately turn into this heavenly-scented smell, which could be exactly what you needed to feel change. Recommended store: Bath and Body Works Candles.



  • Online window shoppingE-commerce concept

You don’t really need to buy anything! Thanks for the advanced technology we have; there is always a “wish-list” section in all web sites. You can check what’s new on fashion/technology websites and add them to your wish list for later purchase. Recommended stores: Asos, Boohoo, Amazon, Net-a-Porter, Pixie Market, & Bonadrag.



  • Bubble bathshop

Bubble baths will instantly make you feel better, do not forgot the bubbles! They are essential here. Recommended store: Lush.




  • Read (even if you hate reading!)Pros-and-Cons-of-Audio-Books1-606x380

I know reading could be quite boring to non-readers, but how about you try audio books? Audio books are for those who get bored after reading few pages so audio books are a great way to break your routine and it’s very easy to access and download on your phone! Recommended Apps: Audiobooks Premium.




  • Bake!baking

Even if you do not really know how to bake! Thanks to YouTube there are so many tutorials on easy to bake food, and you’ll also do yourself a favor by learning something new! And for those who already know how to bake you can bake something you haven’t already baked before. Recommended Youtube channels: JoyOfBaking, BakingWithNadia & RosannaPansino.



  • Use a face maskwoman-wearing-facial-mask-with-cucumbers

Face masks are a great way to break a routine, Even if you do not have any you can easily make one yourself. Just cut few cucumbers, place them on your eyes put some Buddha bar music and relax!

Watch these for easy DIY’s: JuicyStar, Nicole, & PromisePhan.



  • Create a photo album6a00d83451ac6369e2017d3bc3abf9970c

Go through your old pictures, print, and put them in an album if you haven’t already done that! We have so many Instagram pictures and selfies that don’t have any value. Look up old pictures or pictures, print them, and put them in a photo album or a journal





  • Skype with a friend or a family member who lives abroad

Catching up with old friends or family is a great way to entertain yourself and break your routine! Sit down, make yourself a hot cup of tea and catch up with someone you miss.




Tell me how do you entertain yourself indoors when you need a change and a routine-break?

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